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    File Sharing Center Ishareit MP3 Center
    Download Unlimited MP3 Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Download Movies and VideoClips Yes No Yes Yes
    Software Provided No Yes Yes Yes
    Download Games Yes No Yes Yes
    Burn CD Yes Yes Yes Yes
    WAV to MP3 Conversion No Yes No No
    Free of Spyware, Pop Up, Banners Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Software Version Not included Windows Windows/ Macintosh/Linux Windows/ Macintosh/Linux
    Virus Protection Yes No Yes No
    Download Accelerator Yes No Yes No
    Price $ No Monthly Fees $ No Monthly Fees $ 1.50 per month $ 2.49 per month
    Comments It's a must try, 250 times faster than Kazaa!... Best software function for Conversion or Burn for all kind of music files (WAV, Mp3, CD Audio, Vorbis), Nice Interface, but limited MP3 downloads Best choice for all your MP3 needs. Superb software, unlimited MP3, Movies Downloads. CD Burning Facility, Anti Virus, and Download Accelerator is included. Very good on MP3, Movies, Games downloads. The most expensive service...
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